Eagle Ford Shale

We buy all Eagle Ford Shale mineral rights and natural gas royalties. Sell Eagle Ford Shale mineral rights, natural gas royalties and mineral interests to SellMyOil.com. We are seeking minerals in and around the Eagle Ford Shale. The Eagle Ford Shale is estimated in some spots to be as deep as 11,300 feet and is located[…]

Mineral Rights in Colorado

Colorado has a long history relating to mineral rights; Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver and other minerals have been extracted in Colorado for years. At this point the main focus is on the production of oil and gas. We may be interested in purchasing your Colorado oil royalty, natural gas royalty, or mineral rights. The[…]

Bakken Mineral Rights

The Bakken Formation lies under roughly 200,000 square miles of land in Canada, North Dakota, and Montana, and is one of the largest producing oil fields in The United States.  This formation produced relatively small amounts of oil and natural gas up until the advent and widespread usage of hydraulic fracturing.  Hydraulic fracturing gives oil[…]

Antrim Shale Mineral Rights

The Antrim Shale is located in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. Named for its relation to Antrim County, Michigan, this shale formation is known for producing natural gas. Formerly known as the “St. Cleric Shale”, this region of the Michigan Basin has been producing since the 1940′s, and in 2007 this gas field was the 13th largest[…]