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  • We  pay fair market value for mineral rights and royalties, if you have received an offer from another company we may be able to beat it!
  • #1 in Customer Satisfaction! Our main goal is for you to receive a payment you are completely satisfied with.
  •  Our knowledgeable staff will answer any questions that come up as you decide whether or not to sell your minerals.

I am not receiving royalty payments; will you still purchase my mineral rights?

If there has been no drilling on your acreage you own “non-producing” mineral rights, these assets are typically harder to evaluate than producing oil & gas royalties. When determining the value of your “non-producing” mineral rights we, as mineral buyers, must take into account a few important factors:
  1. Proximity to producing or previously producing wells -   The value of your minerals will increase if your minerals are in an area where oil & gas has been produced. (This is not true in all cases, and we purchase some mineral rights that are not near producing areas.)
  2. Lease Status - If you have signed a lease with an oil and gas operator, the terms of said lease will play a part in determining what type of offer we are able to make.
  3. Geological Conditions

I want to sell my mineral rights, oil royalties or natural gas royalties, how much will you pay me for them?

We strive to offer some of the highest payouts in the industry. The lump sum offer for royalties is usually the equivalent of 24-72 months’ worth of current royalty payments. For non-leased or non-producing mineral rights the process occurs on a case by case basis..

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